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Shiran Ben-Ezra & Co. offers a range of services in real estate, including commercial initiatives for offices, industry and residential construction. Our projects are complex and varied, and our real-estate department is considered one of the most active and professional law offices specialized in real estate in Israel.

Our unique offering of a rich professional experience, as well as our depth of professional know-how enables us to offer a wide variety of legal services to entrepreneurial companies, private and public construction companies, contractors, residents, construction companies and more.

Among the services we offer are the following:

  • Projects for commerce, offices, employment and residency
  • Acquisition and sales transactions, as well as asset rentals
  • Combination deals
  • Sales of apartments in residential projects
  • Projects regarding gentrification and urban renewal
  • Project accompaniment from the planning state
  • Accompaniment of acquisition groups
  • Accompaniment and representation before all types of legal and governmental instances, including at the Israel Land Authority Administration and at various appeal committees
  • Accompaniment and handing of tenders
  • Accompaniment of all stages of funding and financial handling.
    During 2017, we provided legal accompaniment and handling to a non-banking corporation in providing loans to 6,000 members of an acquisition group, who acquired 3,000 residents, offices and commercial areas in 13 various projects.
    Our services included ensuring proper disclosure for all members of the group, signing of funding and loan agreements for the group members, signing of securities for the corporation, organizing a trusteeship mechanism for the loan, etc.

Throughout the years, our firm has become renowned for accomplishing extraordinarily complex projects, for acquisition groups, entrepreneurs, investors, contracting companies, landowners and private clients.

Every project we receive receives its due diligence, management and client accompaniment, from the legal and commercial negotiations stage, through to the funding and financial handling stages. Our services are consistently all-encompassing, from touching upon the tax aspects to ongoing representation at the various authorities; from the project’s due diligence, to its planning, acquisition or sale and completion. This strategic viewpoint helps our clients make the best and most efficient decisions, quickly and safely.

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