service-iconLitigation and Dispute Resolution


The firm is one of Israel’s leading firms in civil-commercial litigation, specializing incontractual claims, monetary claims, real estate claims, temporary remedies, derivative claims and more. The firm holds extensive experience pleading before all legal instances, including courts, appeals, planning committees, mediation, arbitration, etc. The firm has gained significant achievements for its clients thanks to strategical and creative thinking, comprehensive knowledge of the fundamentals of the law and, in particular, a strong determination to act always in the client’s interest. The firm’s attorneys are skilled in performing an articulate, sharp and convincing representation of its clients while being able to cope with tough objections and unexpected scenarios at court. The firm’s staff is an expert in conducting research and leading a profound study of the  legal background both for prosecution or defense. Firms attorneys excel in finding legal opportunities, managing witnesses or evidence, and analyzing the behavioral atmosphere at the court. The firm’s vision has always been leading a meticulous work ethic until the optimal legal results are achieved for the client.


Commercial claims


The firm represents prominent companies and entities in legal proceedings, mainly in the commercial and economic fields, including claims arising from disputes between companies, partners and shareholders. The firm also deals with claims regarding “corporate unveiling” suits, derivative actions, claims against directors and officers. Over the years, the firm has managed to enlighten judges thinking for the benefit of its clients, while preserving and exercising their rights and providing substantial compensations.

Dissolution of real estate partnerships

 The firm accompanies its clients in the management of liquidation claims in both Real Estate and Commerce fields. In the real estate field, the firm represents clients who wish to leave an investing group they joined in the past, or owners of joint lands seeking to extricate themselves from the transaction. In the process explained above, the firm accompanies its clients from the early stages of submitting the request for the dissolution of the partnership, examining the rights of the asset, dividing the balance between the partners or preparing the asset for a sale, until reaching the best legal result that benefits the firms’ client. Regarding liquidation proceedings occurring in the commerce sector, the firm is an expert in the management of joint liquidation processes between company partners or between shareholders of corporations. If necessary, the firm reaches an agreement without any interventions of the court. In addition, the firm ensures the handling of all legal aspects of the specific case in order to preserve clients’ rights while enabling extrication from the partnership framework with minimal damages.


The firm handles assets in receivership in accordance with the Israeli court’s instructions in order to protect the assets in claims against debtors or against creditors. The firm handles the management of both receiverships of real estate assets and corporate assets. The firm’s staff serves as representative of its clients before the court while ensuring that the different proceedings are conducted lawfully and client’s assets are sold at the most possible profit.